VA388 Black Eagle





VA388 Black Eagle, the beginnings

A machine for consistent, sustainable and quality espresso. This was the result we wanted to get with the new product that we developed together with James Hoffmann. Yes, it was an ambitious project, but our intention was, and remains, to make the barista’s business the best.

Thus our VA388 Black Eagle gravitech machine was created, an espresso machine with the capacity to control the amount of liquid in the cup, getting the right consistency of espresso and ensuring maximum aroma in the cup. Not only that; the VA388 is a tool that allows a barista to do what they want, whenever they want.
The new professional coffee machine must also support the relationship between the customer and the barista.

Viglino, the designer, chose a soft style, with more curves and asymmetrical elements, in a 49 centimeter-high product.

VA388 Black Eagle new faces

White and black, opposites in balance.
The creativity and new sense of white meet with the power and determination of black. White and black are the new faces of an espresso coffee machine that stands out for its solidity and its innovative aspects.
VA388 Black Eagle presents the white and the black to make the machine more appropriate to the coffee shop personality and style.


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