Nuova Simonelli TALENTO

The Talento by Nuova Simonelli is a superautomatic machine which can offer superlative performance and convenience. Two bean hoppers allow you to offer two different coffee blends with up to eight drink selections each, and is now available with the optional Easy Cream steam wand for superior texture and consistency. Perhaps most importantly, the Talento is only 40cm wide, so will fit in almost any space.  The Talento shines in locations where your staff are required to attend to many different duties and don’t have time to focus exclusively on making coffee.

Perfect for: coffee shops, restaurants, office break rooms, hotels


The Talento is currently only available in Black

If you would like to get a machine custom coloured please contact us directly.

  • Quiet

    Extremely silent while it’s running.

  • Strong

    Talento was designed in order to be efficient, able to face heavy-duty use without problem.

  • Fast

    Talento can make up to 240 espressos or 190 cappuccinos per hour, which cuts down on the waiting time for customers.

  • Compact

    At just 40 cm wide there is the best espresso technology.

All Talento espresso machines come with a 2 years manufacturer warranty
ECM is proud to offer several maintenance plans to match the needs of every business. Contact us for more information

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