Nuova Simonelli Shower Screen SI 200 TC (All Models)


SI 200 TC is an integrated membrane shower screen with 200 µm filtering capacity. The membrane is created directly within the body of the shower disc, which is fixed to the body of the shower by caulking.

This model is coated with our TC Gray material, a High Quality PTFE Coating that enhances the non-sticky feature of this shower and allows for an even better water distribution.

The embedded technology of this screen allows us to experience uniform extractions across all groups for the first time, on top of the use of precision filter basket alone. It is an essential espresso shower screen for those in search of the ultimate cup.


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SHAPE – External Diameter: 56.4mm, Internal Diameter: 55.4mm, Wall Height: 3.2mm, Central Hole: M6

SUPPORT DISC PERFORATION – Perforations: Ø 3 mm, and 98 holes, Distribution: Circular

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 4 cm