Krupps K540E-A


Over 50 years of experience, these made in Italy units obtain excellent results of cleaning and hygiene while maintaining energy savings as well as lower water and detergent consumption. Complete with LCD display, drain pump, 4 programmable cycles.

Power requirements: 3.30kw, 208/220V, 50/60Hz, 16A, 1PH
Hot water requirement: 1/2GPC, 125F(55C)
Water pressure requirements: 30 – 60 psi (2 – 4 bar)
Drain line: 1” (25mm)

  • EWC system, electronic control with four individual programmable cycle
  • Control panel with LCD display
  • Built in drain pump
  • Adjustable 3L/H detergent dispenser
  • Adjustable 0.3L/H rinse-aid dispenser
  • Partial refill of clean water at every wash cycle
  • Stainless steel detergent injector welded to tank
  • Adjustable rotation speed of stainless steel rinse arms
  • New filtering group for suction and drain
  • Low maintenance, heavy duty

Additional information

Weight 57.5 kg
Dimensions 58.5 × 68 × 80.5 cm