GIOVE Stainless Steel Version

The Tranquili Forni Giove is the flagship and the largest oven in our range. With its three 65 cm wide shelf levels, it is capable of cooking a huge amount of food.

Meticulously designed in every detail, from the durable stainless steel roof to the attractive lines and elegant stainless finish, to the functionality of the cooking chamber which is characterized by two layers of refractory material. The interior side walls of cooking chamber feature two additional removable panels which allow height adjustment of the racks and easy cleaning. it is the ideal oven for large families or communities, farms, pizzerias and restaurants.

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  • GIOVE Stainless Steel Version, build with strong Stainless Steel body
  • The cooking chamber made o AISI 304 steel, covered with polished steel panels, easy to clean and maintain is separated from the burning chamber to protect from smoke and ashes
  • Takes approximately 25 minutes to reach 400 degrees Celsius with 3 or 4 kilos of wood
  • The heat will stay constant for about 2 hours

Additional information

Weight 320 kg
Dimensions 106 × 94 × 175 cm