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    The Executive produces a whole array of international pastry products including:
    Pâte á Bombe * Butter Cream * Bavarian and English Cream * Mousse * Pâte á Choux * Meringue * Chocolate Tempering * Ganache * Lemon and Fruit Tart Fillings * Fruit Jellies * Marmalade's * Fruit Sauces and Jams * Bechamel * Poached Fruit * Fruit Sherbert * Chocolate Custard * Chocolate Sauces * Artisanal Gelato * Sorbetto and Much More.

    The multifunctional Executive heats, pasteurizes, freezes and whisks all in one machine and eliminates any wait time in between recipes due to its internal dual chambers.
    The Executive is two machines in one. The operator can be cooling down butter cream in the lower chamber while heating chocolate ganache in the upper chamber. The two parts work simultaneously and independently of one another.

  • BRAVO Gelmatic

    BRAVO Gelmatic

    Gelmatic Mechanic is an extremely reliable machine, designed to be easy to use(few push buttons with basic functions).

    High performance batch-freezer that allows to obtain results above market standards, thanks to the high freezing system technology, that takes advantage at most of the heat exchange for an optimal cooling and resulting freezing of gelato mixture. Easy to load through the upper funnel that allows to easily pour the product from the buckets, avoiding the air outflow from the cylinder door.

  • BRAVO Mix Cream

    BRAVO Mix Cream

    Mixcream is a cream cooker of the latest generation that allows the production of many pastry products. Perfect creams thanks to the innovative agitation system that reproduces the Pastry Chef’s movements. A special junction of the “sail” blade, thanks to a particular spring, allows the production of extremely soft and smooth creams with no lumps. At every turn of the stirrer, the mixture is pushed towards the tank wall by the “sail” blade and becomes more and more refined. The scraper then collects the residual cream from the tank wall and put it in circulation again for further refining.

    Smart cooling thanks to the cooling surface of the tank split in 2 sections. This allows an automatic (or manual) total or half cooling: the result is the smoothness in the cooling of the egg cream and the same high quality also for low quantity of the product inside the tank. Furthermore, thanks to the Bravo’s patented use of speed variators of the latest generation the machine manages the mixing speed of the cream in accordance with the cream features.