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  • Nuova Simonelli AURELIA II DIGIT TFT

    Nuova Simonelli AURELIA II DIGIT TFT


    The Aurelia II Digit TFT is the espresso machine for those who are looking for performance and reliability, with the ability to precisely control machine functions and make necessary pressure and coffee volume adjustments quickly and easily.

    The Aurelia II Digit TFT is the ideal machine for cafes looking for amazing reliability and consistently great coffee. Designed with the comfort of the operator in mind, this machine allows baristas to program up to four desired coffee volumes per group and consistently pull precise shots throughout the day. Because the barista no longer has to monitor each and every shot, they are given precious time to focus on steaming milk, interacting with customers, or perhaps begin another order. This versatile machine is ideal for a wide variety of shops and setups, but particularly useful for the discerning barista who likes to make many adjustments throughout the day.

    Suitable for: High quality coffee shops, medium – high volume locations, demanding professionals, barista competitors, specialty coffee shops.



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