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    Il Bigolaro is delightful, useful, and children (as well as adults) are completely charmed by it.

    Once attached to a bench, counter, or tabletop, the pasta dough is pressed through a brass barrel, extruding in long strands through a thick, solid brass die. Il Bigolaro comes with two dies; spaghetti and rigatoni. There are multiple other dies to choose from (bigoli, fettuccini, etc.), and the resulting pasta is textured and ragged, prized for its ability to hold sauce.

    Note: wooden bench in photo sold separately

  • LILLO 2

    LILLO 2

    The Lillo 2 is a domestic pasta making machine manufactured to have the same robust performance and technical features as larger pasta machines supplied to restaurants and commercial enterprises.

    This fresh pasta extruder is simple to use and enables you to have a commercial quality pasta machine which will fit easily on your kitchen counter and plugs into a standard power outlet. Using the Lillo, it is possible to produce fresh pasta using any type of flour, with or without eggs, or even enhanced with vegetable puree or juice for colourful, flavoured pasta. The possibilities are endless for the imaginative cook.

    Pasta such as spaghetti, bucatini, fettuccine, tagliolini etc. are cut to length by hand. Short pastas are made easier to produce with the addition of the optional automatic variable speed cutter (sold separately) which can cut any length from tiny soup pastina to macaroni.

    Cleaning the machine is very simple as the stainless steel mixer and brass auger are easily removed and will never rust.

    The Lillo comes complete with 4 dies and there are many other dies to choose from.