Easy Cream Technology


The foundation of preparing a perfect cappuccino is always the barista’s technique and expertise. Easy Cream technology can help those who have not yet reached these high levels. The milk system flexibility offers great opportunities in relation to customer preferences: more or less creamy and with a defined temperature. And for the most demanding  Aurelia II is also provided to the second programming button (on Aurelia II Digit TFT and Aurelia II TFT T3 versions only)

Easy Cream exactly reproduces the actions of good barista, firstly balancing the injection of steam and air. When the milk reaches an intermediate temperature, which can be programmed, the airflow stops. From then on, steam to heat the milk until it reaches the optimum temperature.

The new end of the nozzle, with tangential holes at different angles, makes the liquid rotate to get the perfect consistency; the result is truly amazing. Even more surprising is the consistency. Each serving has the same quality and the same temperature, regardless of the size or volume of the milk jug.

The application of Easy Cream patented by Nuova Simonelli is available in the Aurelia II Digit TFT, Aurelia II TFT T3 (for both sides) and the Talento (for one side), VA358 White Eagle Volumetric (for the left side).


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