Clump Crusher

clump crusher


The system, one of the elements that led to the success of the high-end Mythos One grinder, is now also in the MDX On-Demand.

The ‘Clump Crusher Dispensing System’ completely eliminates the effects of static electricity on particles of ground coffee, ensuring maximum regularity of the outflow with any type of coffee. Borrowing the innovative system from its ‘big brother’, the new MDX On-Demand raises the standard for professional grinders by guaranteeing high performance for locales using up to 1.5 kg of coffee a day.

Besides the Clump Crusher, aimed at improving the distribution of ground coffee and the stability of doses, the MDX On-Demand grinder has an easy and intuitive control panel with LCD multifunction display and a hooked filter holder that makes the barista’s work easier and improves the efficiency of the locale.


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