Latte Art Winners

And the winners are   We would like to congratulate Sua Hong for finishing in the 1st Place Qualifier position after the 31 day online qualifier for the Top Latte Artist in Vancouver contest, give her a huge round of applause. It was quite a battle in the final hours with the lead switching hands constantly but Sua was able to pull through in the end. She has won $1500 and will join the other Top 16 qualifiers in a Live Finals in September to compete for $2500 more! The Top 16 qualifiers have all been invited to perform in…read more >

Easy Cream Technology

The foundation of preparing a perfect cappuccino is always the barista's technique and expertise. Easy Cream technology can help those who have not yet reached these high levels. The milk system flexibility offers great opportunities in relation to customer preferences: more or less creamy and with a defined temperature. And for the most demanding  Aurelia II is also provided to the second programming button (on Aurelia II Digit TFT and Aurelia II TFT T3 versions only) HOW IT WORKS: Easy Cream exactly reproduces the actions of good barista, firstly balancing the injection of steam and air. When the milk reaches an…read more >

Auto-Steam Wand

  The Auto-steam system allows even those without experience to prepare cappuccinos at the right temperature and with the correct dose of foam. The procedure is simple and immediate: just immerse the auto-steam wand in a jug of milk and start the system with the relevant button. The machine will start to inject air and steam to create an excellent foam. Delivery stops automatically when the programmed temperature is reached, which preserves all of the natural sensory qualities of the milk. Advantages The Nuova Simonelli Auto-steam is a system that as well as easy use, offers other useful benefits: Practical:…read more >


  One of the more difficult aspects of making great coffee is the proper steaming and texturing of milk. The optional gooseneck automatic frothing wand will create the milk you want every time, with no training required. Its integrated temperature probe will stop the steam automatically when the milk reaches your desired temperature. Making great lattes and cappuccinos has never been easier!   Features: -integrated temperature probe -one of two steam tip styles – WCB or Competizione -10mm pipe with cool-touch insulation -oversized internal solenoid valve -made from stainless steel for easy sanitationread more >

MUSICA by Nuova Simonelli

    It called "Musica" and it’s a new espresso coffee machine presented by Nuova Simonelli, for the high level of domestic market. With "Musica" Nuova Simonelli enters directly onto domestic and office markets, presenting the product designed for the professional users, the coffee lovers with big expectations. "Musica" may be also considered as the entry level for the professional market as it is able toserve about 60 cups a more >


    PROFESSIONAL PERFORMANCE IN A SMALL VOLUME The restyling of a classic. Oscar II is a new generation of the coffee machine launched in the late nineties, which has conquered coffee lovers around the world. PERFECT EXTRACTIONS The brewing unit is temperature compensated giving consistent and quality extractions. The temperature stability of Oscar II is ensured the heat exchanger system inside the boiler, which also ensures a high steam capacity for creamy and fragrant cappuccinos. Timer programming ensures consistent results. PROFESSIONAL Oscar II is a high performance machine due to professional components like the filter holder, the temperature compensated…read more >

Black Eagle Espresso Machines Land Unexpectedly At Big Western

  Oh hey, look at that! Official Espresso Machine Sponsor Nuova Simonelli has surprised many with the choice to place their brand new Victoria Arduino Black Eagle espresso machines on the barista stations at the 2015 Big Western Regional Barista Competition. Surprise, baristas! We approached Nuova Simonelli’s Gianni Cassatini about the switch from Aurealia T3s to Black Eagles here at the Rancho Mirage Omni Resort. He told Sprudge that the decision to make the switch was made over the weekend. “The baristas deserve a new machine,” he said. When asked if he thought baristas would be worried about the change,…read more >

Cool Touch Wand

  The innovative system that prevents burns Thermal insulation guarantees the barista’s safety; and not only that, but better and easier cleaning and therefore greater hygiene. The new “Cool-Touch” thermally insulated wand avoids annoying burns and can speed up cleaning the espresso more >

Clump Crusher

  The system, one of the elements that led to the success of the high-end Mythos One grinder, is now also in the MDX On-Demand. The 'Clump Crusher Dispensing System' completely eliminates the effects of static electricity on particles of ground coffee, ensuring maximum regularity of the outflow with any type of coffee. Borrowing the innovative system from its 'big brother', the new MDX On-Demand raises the standard for professional grinders by guaranteeing high performance for locales using up to 1.5 kg of coffee a day. Besides the Clump Crusher, aimed at improving the distribution of ground coffee and the stability…read more >