Auto-Steam Wand



The Auto-steam system allows even those without experience to prepare cappuccinos at the right temperature and with the correct dose of foam. The procedure is simple and immediate: just immerse the auto-steam wand in a jug of milk and start the system with the relevant button. The machine will start to inject air and steam to create an excellent foam. Delivery stops automatically when the programmed temperature is reached, which preserves all of the natural sensory qualities of the milk.


The Nuova Simonelli Auto-steam is a system that as well as easy use, offers other useful benefits:
Practical: its extreme practical use allows the barista to carry out other operations while the machine foams the milk. With auto-steam, productivity increases, as does the service offered to the customer.
Reliable: the extreme simplicity that makes the Nuova Simonelli auto-steam stand out translates as high levels of reliability. With this machine you can make lots of cappuccinos without it leaving you “high and dry”.
Hygienic: the thermal insulation on the wand prevents the milk from forming any build up on the surfaces on the nozzle. It is also easy to clean and therefore, compliant with the most stringent hygiene standards.
Safe: the wand is heat insulated and this allows safe use by the barista without the risk of nasty burns or scalds.
Precise: the temperature probe is well away from the steam wand to guarantee a more exact temperature reading without being influenced by the steam.

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